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Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Book Review: Letters to my Fanny

Letters to my Fanny

Cherry Healey

Letters to my fanny is more than just a memoir it's  like a whirlwind of Cherry’s life. Warm, honest and heartfelt just as I imagine Cherry to be. Each chapter is a wash with funny stories, bags of honesty and the occasional piece of life advice thrown in for good measure.

First experiences of her body, love, heartbreak and motherhood including her childbirth story are all included. Cherry is like a lot of us and her struggle with accepting her body image is so honest, witty and inspiring that I often found myself nodding along in recognition and saying “me too”.

Overall Letters to my Fanny is like having a heart to heart over a cup of tea with your best friend. There are tears of recognition, lots of laughter but overall you come away feeling good and inspired to treat yourself better.

Review by: Jennine (@sugarmousemama)

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