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Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Book Review: My not so perfect life

My Not So Perfect Life 
By Sophie Kinsella – Out now

 Sophie Kinsella is known for the hugely popular ‘shopaholics’ series but even  if you’ve never read another book by this author I can assure you there is no need. This is a stand alone book with a conversational, funny and relatable writing style that will have you rooting for the heroine.

Katie Brenner or ‘Cat’  as she prefers to be known has the perfect life  - she lives in London, has a top job and a fabulous Instagram feed to prove it...or does she? My not so perfect life is a story about perception and a life lesson of how what you see in front of you is not always reality.
My favourite quote from the book
Loads of people use coloured filters or whatever on Instagram. Well, my filter is the “this is how I’d like it to be” filter.”
Katie is an instantly likeable character and the book has a lot of comic moments that made me laugh out loud. It is all to easy to identify with her struggle to keep up with the Joneses and  most of all impress her lovely dad.
So when her boss Demeter fires her and she has to move back to the family farm to help set up a new business what will happen next?
This book is part love story, part work place drama and definitely a witty insight into our obsession with social media and the quest to be perfect. It’s a light hearted read you can dip in and out of with ease that will definitely have you hitting the ‘ like’ button.

Review by: Jennine (@sugarmousemama)

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