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Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Book Review: Oh No George!

Oh No George 

By Chris Haughton

Mums Review

As a parent it's hard to not judge a book from an adults perspective. Before writing this I did have to consider what did my opinion actually count for? It's not about me enjoying a story, it's how it captures the imagination of its target audience!  George is a dog, his predicament is simple: behave yourself whilst Harris your 'owner' is out. A tale true to toddler can I be good with all the temptations of the world around me and no one to say no?! 

On first reading I thought my 3 year old would toss this aside and reject it, as it didn't very complex and basic. 


What I missed is the responsibility it bestows on the young mind reading it, asking open ended questions throughout the story to let them have a say on what George should or shouldn't do as he battles temptation. With the ultimate of killer cliffhangers! 

Turns out the simplicity of the actions and morals within this book totally resonate with a young mind. It's bright, modern and does not patronise a child's ability to know right from wrong. Henry loves this story so much he enjoys reading it back to us (from memory) and portraying all the different emotions and feelings this book displays. 

Mum rating:  and I'd recommend it for 2-5 year old's.

Review by: Rebekah (@bump2baby2)

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