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Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Book Review: Who's there? Beware!

Who's There? Beware!

By Caterpillar Books

This was a Christmas present for my youngest (8 months old), but seeing as we still have 'joint' bed/story times I've put a score for each age range. 

Little Mouse is on his way to granny's house via the woods and it is nighttime. The darkness plays tricks on him, making  his imagination run wild with all the possible obstacles before him...will he get to granny's safely? 

The main focus of this book is it's interactivity, with flaps and sliding features accompanying the simple rhyming words to bring this short story to life. Both my children enjoy it and take great interest in grabbing the parts that move or change, the only reason I have scored it averagely is because in comparison to 'Oh no, Gerorge!' and other popular kids titles out there the lead characters do not grab enough of the kids attention and imagination to make this a real bed time favourite. Possibly because the story is so short...

It's a great addition to your children's short story collection but it'll by no means be a staple or overly repeated tale.

0-2 years: 


Review by: Rebekah (@bump2baby2)

To buy: Visit here.


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