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Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Book Review: Goose


by Dawn O’Porter

Goose is a story of two girls growing up in Guernsey in the 1990's and their progression from adolescence to adulthood. Renee and Flo are both eighteen and in their final year of college but whilst Flo is determined to get to uni and take Renee with her, it looks as though Renee has other ideas.

Can they reconcile there differences or are they destined to grow apart?

I loved Goose for its nostalgia aspect, every women remembers being on the brink of adulthood with all the tough decisions to make and not knowing what the future will hold. I was cringing at some of the girls mistakes and nodding along in recognition in places.

There was something about the voices of Flo and Renee that is so completely addictive, probably because they are so raw and honest. The book is written from each girls perspective which definitely helped you become more engaged with the story and eager to find out how one of the girls decisions or actions affected the other.

Goose is an enjoyable read which explores the nature of friendship, love, sex and it  also takes a look at the delicate subject of religion. It was easy to dip in and out of, really funny and so touching in places. It's a complete blast from the past for all those that grew up in the 90's like myself.   

Review By: Jennine from @sugarmousemama

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