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Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Book Review: Love is my favourite thing

Love is my favourite thing. 

By Emma Chichester

This book is just so lovely. Its all about a little dog called Plummie, who sometimes can't help but be a teeny bit naughty.

She gets distracted by all the other things she loves, like swimming, and ice cream, and forgets to listen to her Mummy!

When she gets told off it makes her sad, and she wonders if her Mummy and Daddy will still love her.

Its a great book for any age, but my 4 year old daughter really enjoys it. We talk about what our favourite things are, and we talk about love, and why we love each other, even when we can sometimes do naughty things. Like when her brother bites her, or when she doesnt listen to mummy!

The illustrations are really great, and my 2 year old also likes the story about the naughty doggy.

What's more, is was written by a blogger!!

What's not to like?!

Plummie gets my vote! 

Review by: Laura from @mum_bore
To buy: Visit here

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