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Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Book Review: There's A Bear On My Chair

There's A Bear On My Chair

By Ross Collins

How do you review a book for a toddler? It seems a bit odd as Pip goes mad for those bloody 'That's not my...' I actually logged into my Goodreads account and read a few of the reviews on there, it's as good as trip advisor; I laughed a lot! 

For Christmas her Grandad got her 'There's a Bear on my Chair' and I sort of dismissed it: no flaps, no touchy-feely bits, no inane 'that's not my...' But I was wrong. At bed time Pip would pull this out of the pile and climb onto my lap, and she would sit still for the whole thing!!! So as an 18 month old that's basically a 5* rating! 

There's a Bear on my Chair was shortlisted for CILIP Kate Greenaway which is awarded by librarians for an outstanding book in terms of illustration; I really have to agree. The illustrations are fab, they are minimal, cute and modern; quite refreshing for a young kids book. The colours are all really vibrant as well which help make the pictures pop. 

I love this book. I love how the mouse totally looses it (great for the when you're having a bad day), I love the Dr Seuss-esque rhyming scheme, I love how it's used unusual phrases for a young kids book. I can't wait till Pip is a little older and can laugh along with it as this book definitely has a sense of humour. Other than the Julia Donaldson books this is by far my favourite on the book shelf. I would recommend it to anyone reading with a kid under 7 probably. I know Kitty still enjoyed a Dr Seuss at bedtime at that sort of age and this really has a similar feel. 

That's a 5* from mummy too. 

Review by: Amy (kittyandpip)

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