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Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Book Review: The Colour Monster

The Colour Monster 

By Anna LLenas 

Published by Templar

This lovely pop up book was a gift from my Daughter's (ungodly) Godmother for her second Birthday. It was a fantastic choice as my Daughter instantly loved the pop up images. I did have to reign her back a little from tearing them apart, but I believe there is a regular version available without the pop ups available.

The book tells the story of the Colour Monster, who's feelings are all mixed up. It goes on to help him explain what his feelings feel like, and which colours represent them. it's an incredibly simple, but effective way of introducing young Children to emotional intelligence. 

I was really quite amazed by the impact it had on my Daughter, at only just two, she became able to vocalise feelings like scared and sad, and also recognise them in others. I also used some of the parts of the story when she was having tantrums, such as 'lets try and be like the calm monster ahhh', which incredibly, sometimes really got through to her. 

At one point she was requesting the book to be read multiple times a day, which is always the sign of a win. I really would recommend this book, both as a gift, or for your own Children. it is suitable for a wide age range. from toddlers just beginning to grasp emotions, to older Kids. It opens up topics of conversation and introduces complex ideas is a manageable format.

Even as an Adult, I can really gain from reading this book with her. Concepts such as needing all the emotions to become a whole, and recognising fear being something we overcome together etc, were really helpful to me.

As you can tell I love the message of the Colour Monster, and it's a welcome addition to our little Library.

Review by Jo @intrepidbebe

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