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Thursday, 27 April 2017

Book Review: Mum by Morty Sey & Scott Chegg


by Morty Sey & Scott Chegg 

Mum is a fast-paced rhyming book perfectly describing the absolute chaos of the school run. My children enjoyed the familiarity and really appreciated the humour of the mum trying to coax the children into getting ready in the morning yet everything going horribly wrong.

The story has a well thought out hidden message about taking the time to listen to others which concludes with a twist at the end that my children really weren't expecting.

This made the book a wonderful change from the predictable bedtime stories that we usually read.

The colours and illustrations in the book are unusually quirky. In particular, the mum’s birds nest hair had my boys giggling.

This is a cleverly written and wonderfully different book that both children and adults will find appealing, it will definitely be a firm favourite on the children’s bookshelf. 

Written by Jennine (@sugarmousemama

To buy the book click here. 


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