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Thursday, 27 April 2017

Book Review: Water For Elephants by Sara Gruen

Water For Elephants 

by Sara Gruen

When I read the first page in Water for Elephants I felt the magic waiting to be read. I must admit that I always read the books before a movie, however this time I done it the other way round and I was so intrigued by the movie I just had to get the book. As all book lovers know, the book is way better than the movie with it having so much more detail and other bits going on that aren't made into the movie.

The book opens with a forgotten and alone old man living in a nursing home. This man is Jacob Jankowski. He begins to tell his story on how he became part of the most spectacular show on earth. Jacob Jankowski jumped a train when his life became nothing at just the age of twenty-three, but it turned out to be not your average train, but the train of The Benzini Brothers in the Depression-era America.

Jacob has kept his circus secret for seventy years and finally wants to get it off his chest. He tells of a beautiful woman he falls in love with, the grafters, freaks and a heroine who weighs 2500 pounds. But not everything about the circus life is magical which Jacob Jankowski soon discovers, and a lot of twist and turns come to light.

This is a must read book for anyone who likes an adventure, loves animals and wants a love story.

Written by Kara (@about_a_book_x)

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