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Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Book Review: Open Very Carefully - A Book With A Bite by Nick Bromley and Nicola O'Byrne

Open Very Carefully - A Book With A Bite 

By Nick Bromley and Nicola O'Byrne 

First of all I have a thing for Nosy Crow books. I feel they re just so much cooler than what other publishers have to offer the young readers. Plus they are ALWAYS so beautifully illustrated. 

Open Very Carefully is no exception; the duckling is cute and the crocodile is mischievous and full of sass. 

Essentially, the book is about  crocodile breaking into the story of the Ugly Duckling and we have to help get him out! It's fun and interactive with the narrator (The Ugly Duckling) talking directly to the reader. We have to shake the book and rock the book and eventually the crocodile breaks out by biting through the pages! There are actual bite marks on the last few pages - this is what made me want to buy the book straight away! 

Open Very Carefully has everything you want from a book for young readers: Evelyn will sit still all the way through, giggles at the funny bits and demands 'MORE!' When it's finished. That is a five star rating for sure! 

I also love this book, it's so different from the mundane stuff normally targeted at young readers, I feel it properly engages them and their imagination; I'll recommend it to all parents of babies and toddlers. 

Written by Amy @kittyandpip 

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