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Wednesday, 5 July 2017

Book Review: My Big Shouting Day

My Big Shouting Day 

By Rebecca Patterson

Bella is having a really bad day. It starts off when she shouts at her little brother Bob. Everything from then on just goes terribly wrong,  Bella continues to shout and shout so the day gets worse and worse.

But every bad day has to come to an end at sometime and with the magic word ‘sorry’ a hug from her mum and a bedtime story things really do get better for Bella.

My big shouting day is a really good book that helps young children recognise strong emotions in a clever and humorous way. It was  a good book to use as a conversation starter with my youngest son we discussed why he thought Bella was feeling shouty and what he would do instead.

This is a brilliant book for the under 5’s with big bold words, funny illustrations and a story line that all children and parents will recognise. After all who doesn't have a bad day ? 

Written by Jennine @sugarmousemama 

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