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Wednesday, 30 August 2017

Book Review: Superdad’s Day Off by Phil Earle

Stanley's Dad is the superhero Dynamo Dan, everyday  Stanley's Dad saves the world from disasters and bad guys. Life as a superhero is pretty hectic for Dynamo Dan so Stanley's mum insists Dad take a day off to spend with his son.

Stanley has been looking forward to a day with his dad for ages, but it seems Superheroes can never have a day off and relax there’s always somebody that needs saving. So what’s Stanley to do ? Stanley decides to  help his dad out of course!

Will Stanley be a chip of the old Superhero block?

My boys loved this book from rescuing lions stuck in a tree to taking on shark infested waters the boys were totally engrossed from start to finish.The book is nicely illustrated and would also be useful for newly independent readers as the words are easy to work out using phonics and the lay out is simple to follow.

Written by Jennine @sugarmousemama 

To buy the book click here. 


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