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Wednesday, 20 September 2017

Book Review: Strange Magic by Syd Moore

Benefit fraud investigator Rosie Strange has inherited the Essex Witch Museum from her estranged grandfather Septimus about whom she knows very little.

Her first thought is to sell the place but the museum has a mysterious pull over Rosie especially when she meets the museums curator Sam. He is good looking but obsessive and she isn’t sure it’s a good combination but she can’t help herself.

Together Sam and Rosie embark on an ill-advised hunt for the bones of an ancient witch. If they don’t find them a child’s life may be at stake, with perhaps others as well.

Strange Magic is a cosy mystery as a opposed to a thriller. The easy pace of the book worked well for the theme and I really enjoyed the witchcraft history elements. It was a light hearted read in some places yet deep and haunting in others. The relationships between the characters is very well thought out.

Strange Magic has definitely left me ‘spellbound’ to read the next book in the series. 

Written by Jennine @sugarmousemama 

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