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Tuesday, 10 October 2017

Book Review: Happy by Fearne Cotton

Determined to break the taboo surrounding Mental health, well known TV presenter, DJ and celebrity Fearne Cotton opens up honestly about her own battle with depression and the techniques she used to find her happiness again.

I loved the simplicity of the book, this is not a straight forward self help book filled with chapter upon chapter of well meaning advice. This book is something different. It contains lots of practical exercises to join in on, which then form a very basic action plan for you to build from and then apply to your life.

My top tip for this book would be to do every exercise no matter how silly they seem it really does make a difference. Also refer back to the ‘reflection rainbow’ at the beginning of the book  to  measure how far you’ve come ( I promise this will make sense when you start the book)

Social media, comparison and friendships are all covered in the book which I found to be current and relative. This book will help you to release what’s going on in your head and find ways to keep trekking on to find your happiness.

Happy is not just a book for those suffering with depression. This book is for all those looking to improve their positive outlook and learning how to look after and love themselves.

Written by Jennine @sugarmousemama 

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