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Wednesday, 31 January 2018

Scoop Childrens Magazine

As any parent will tell you the struggle to keep my kids interested in reading is real. Reading for kids can all to often be seen as homework or a chore to get through quickly so they can go off and do other things. Its not too often that I have found my two children will read for pleasure.

So when my eldest received Scoop magazine for Christmas I will admit I was sceptical. I have tried the magazines from the Supermarkets you know the ones with the 'free' gift attached which usually ends up in the bin by the end of the because it breaks within seconds. These types of magazines are usually discarded so quickly as they cannot hold my eldests attention and he complains that they are all the same.

Well Scoop magazine has changed all of that each issue contains short stories, non fiction, poetry, comics, jokes, interviews and reviews not to mention the abundance of activities and quizzes.

In each monthly issue the magazine explores new topics such a Space, Nature, History, Art, Crime in fact no topic that will get young minds buzzing is left unexplored.

We are now at the end of January and our copy of Scoop Magazine has received a lot of attention . He has enjoyed filling in the activities and I currently have some competition entries on my desk that he wants me to send off for him. I have also often found him reading the short stores to his younger brother at bedtime or discussing an article with his dad at the dinner table.

Scoop magazine has made reading in my house fun again and I cannot give it bigger praise than that.

Scoop is recommended for boys and girls age 8 - 12 yrs
Scoop magazine is available to buy here

Written by @sugarmousemama


Tuesday, 23 January 2018

A Blind Date with a Book

Don't Judge a book by its cover!

Easier said than done right? I am a sucker for a witty title and a bright front cover, like a magpie drawn to shiny things these are the books that will grab my attention in any bookstore. 

So I decided to let @ablinddatewithabook choose a book for me based on a few intriguing clues alluding to the book inside the brown paper wrapping. 

So I will be honest as you can imagine I read ALOT of books so I was a little worried that I may have already read the book before I unwrapped it. However I needn't have worried Blind date with a book had me covered they pick books that readers may have missed by great authors or other great books that perhaps did not receive the publicity that they deserved. 

So what was under that brown paper wrapping and more importantly did I like it? 

Drum Roll...... ROOM by Emma Donoghue 

What a book I read the whole thing in 2 days I couldn't put it down! 

The book is written from the perspective of five year old Jack who is being held hostage in a room with his Ma by Old Nick. Jack was born and raised in this room and knows nothing of the outside world. 

So when Ma finds out that old Nick has lost his job and the house will be lost to foreclosure she knows that old Nick will kill them both before setting them free. What will she do?

This book had me gripped.  At first I found it difficult to follow the voice of five year old Jack as the flow in which he speaks could be haphazard and not completely fluid but once I had hit chapter two this was no longer an issue. The book is very intense and dark in places but I found it a charming, life-affirming and uplifting read. 

This book has stayed in my thoughts long after I turned the last page.  

You can buy A blind date with a book from or in any Waitrose Store

written by @sugarmousemama


Wednesday, 10 January 2018

Swimming Underwater By Tatterhood

Swimming Underwater is a collection of poems written by Joanna a mum of one. Joanna started writing  poems while she was up in the night caring for her young son.

This is an absolutely beautiful books which captures the feelings of early motherhood and beyond perfectly. The  sense and space of the time in which they were written leapt out at me you can almost feel the raw emotion. The poems are very touching and I'm not ashamed to admit the book did make me shed a tear or two. 

The early days of motherhood, housework priorities, toddler tantrums, finishing maternity leave and the elusive mums night out have all been covered with wonderfully written and sometimes witty rhyme. 

My favourite Poem from the collection has to be  Thanks for stopping by. Which  is about unwanted guests and unsolicited advice. It made me laugh out loud in recognition and I do enjoy a poem which manages to finish with ''Hey! Fuck You!''

Swimming Underwater is available to buy here

Tatterhood is also on Instagram do go follow her she is awesome @tatterhood_

written by @sugarmousemama


Tuesday, 2 January 2018

If I had a Dinosaur by Gabby Dawnay and Alex Burrow

Book review by @littlefolktales

If I had a dinosaur by Gabby Dawnay and Alex Barrow

A little girl dreams of having a pet, but none of the popular ones like dogs, or cats, or mice or hamsters seem quite right for her. But what if she could have her very own pet dinosaur?!

From fitting a dinosaur flap, to taking it to school to learn the alphabet, to the food it will need…there seems to be only one downside, and this is the bit your Littlefolk will probably love the most…as you turn the page to reveal the giant dinosaur pooh!

This is a glorious celebration of childhood imagination and creativity, as the little girls dinosaur toy becomes her pet.  The rhyming text is fun and humorous which makes it a lovely bed time read, and it is refreshing to see a girl at the centre of a story about dinosaurs

The illustrations by Barrow are simple and diverse in their representation of race and culture.  The big green dinosaur is a striking and memorable image throughout the book, and is sure to stick in the minds of LittleFolk as they drift off to sleep to dream about having their own dinosaur.

Sure to be a firm favourite with dinosaur lovers, and of course those obsessed with pooh!  

We recommend it for Littlefolk aged 2-5.

Available in our online shop now.
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