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Wednesday, 31 January 2018

Scoop Childrens Magazine

As any parent will tell you the struggle to keep my kids interested in reading is real. Reading for kids can all to often be seen as homework or a chore to get through quickly so they can go off and do other things. Its not too often that I have found my two children will read for pleasure.

So when my eldest received Scoop magazine for Christmas I will admit I was sceptical. I have tried the magazines from the Supermarkets you know the ones with the 'free' gift attached which usually ends up in the bin by the end of the because it breaks within seconds. These types of magazines are usually discarded so quickly as they cannot hold my eldests attention and he complains that they are all the same.

Well Scoop magazine has changed all of that each issue contains short stories, non fiction, poetry, comics, jokes, interviews and reviews not to mention the abundance of activities and quizzes.

In each monthly issue the magazine explores new topics such a Space, Nature, History, Art, Crime in fact no topic that will get young minds buzzing is left unexplored.

We are now at the end of January and our copy of Scoop Magazine has received a lot of attention . He has enjoyed filling in the activities and I currently have some competition entries on my desk that he wants me to send off for him. I have also often found him reading the short stores to his younger brother at bedtime or discussing an article with his dad at the dinner table.

Scoop magazine has made reading in my house fun again and I cannot give it bigger praise than that.

Scoop is recommended for boys and girls age 8 - 12 yrs
Scoop magazine is available to buy here

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