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Wednesday, 10 January 2018

Swimming Underwater By Tatterhood

Swimming Underwater is a collection of poems written by Joanna a mum of one. Joanna started writing  poems while she was up in the night caring for her young son.

This is an absolutely beautiful books which captures the feelings of early motherhood and beyond perfectly. The  sense and space of the time in which they were written leapt out at me you can almost feel the raw emotion. The poems are very touching and I'm not ashamed to admit the book did make me shed a tear or two. 

The early days of motherhood, housework priorities, toddler tantrums, finishing maternity leave and the elusive mums night out have all been covered with wonderfully written and sometimes witty rhyme. 

My favourite Poem from the collection has to be  Thanks for stopping by. Which  is about unwanted guests and unsolicited advice. It made me laugh out loud in recognition and I do enjoy a poem which manages to finish with ''Hey! Fuck You!''

Swimming Underwater is available to buy here

Tatterhood is also on Instagram do go follow her she is awesome @tatterhood_

written by @sugarmousemama


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