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Saturday, 24 February 2018

Baby Boom by Helen Wallen

Award winning Blogger  'Just a Normal Mummy' has smashed it with her debut novel.
I have really been looking forward to reading this as I'm a big fan of Helens blog and my gosh it didn't disappoint I laughed my way through it in a matter of days.

Baby Boom is a lovely story about life, parenthood and relationships, based on the lives of three best friends and the start of their journey into motherhood. Warm, funny and very realistic I loved all the characters I'm not ashamed to admit I did a few embarrassing snorts of laughter in the coffee shop while reading this.

My favourite part of the book was the WhatsApp conversations between the three friends, they are so true to life and reminded me of the kind of conversations I have with my friends they were so funny. Another nice little touch is the illustrations on the corner of each page which makes the book like the flick books I used to make at senior school. Its this little extra attention to detail and  touches that make the book seem personal and special.

The book is so well written and manages to reflect what we all feel at the start of pregnancy and beyond perfectly. Its a light easy read that all us exhausted mums will appreciate because at the end of the day reading about a group of friends discussing Fannies on WhatsApp is bloody hilarious!

Baby Boom is available to buy from Amazon or all good bookshops.

The Author is also on
Facebook - Just a Normal Mummy
Instagram - @Wallymummy
Twitter- @JustANormalMummy

Written By @sugarmousemama


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