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Thursday, 8 February 2018

Filter Free by Lauren Derrett

In all the books I have read I have never found anything as powerful, honest and inspiring as this book. 

Filter Free is a collection of stories by different women that touches on a wide range of issues and taboos that woman face in todays society and shatters the myth that anyone is 'Filter Perfect'. 

In an age of social media obsession this book brings welcome relief. It is raw and honest and lifts the rose tinted glasses off the readers eyes. 

Depression, Relationships, Domestic Violence, Childhood Abuse, Motherhood and so much more are covered. 

This book really closes the gap between what we see and what really goes on behind closed doors.
I really loved that the book gave women a platform to speak out. Id like to think that the book would give readers courage to also speak out or even just to realise that they are not alone with their struggles. 

The story that I most related to was the story of My post baby body. I wanted to punch the air!!!! Finally a story that doesn't come with a weight loss message or ways to try and trim up that mum- tum. It was so positive and made me laugh I definitely intend to embrace my mum-tum! 

Whatever your experiences in life this book will challenge the way you see people and make you realise that you are enough. 

Filter Free is available to buy here

The Author is also on Instagram @this_girl_is_enough
Written by @sugarmousemama


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