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Monday, 5 March 2018

Book Promotion - Breaking Mum and Dad : The Insider's Guide To Parenting Anxiety by Anna Williamson

Breaking Mum and Dad is a helpful, often humorous, and always honest guide, offering advice to help all new mums and dads cope with and conquer anxiety, stress and low mood in those overwhelming fledgling parent days.

With more than 1 in 10 new parents experiencing post-natal depression and anxiety, and after suffering the traumatic birth of her son and being diagnosed with postnatal anxiety and birth trauma, Anna Williamson uncovers the real thoughts, feelings and behaviours that many of us experience in the first few weeks and months after becoming a parent.

From 'I'm struggling to love my baby to 'I miss my old life' and 'will I ever feel like ''me'' again? to 'I'm anxious about having sex' this book will help new parents cope with the often taboo topics that we ALL encounter.

A therapist in your pocket, meaning you don't have to face one of life's most momentous experiences alone, or fear being judged for the weird and often irrational thoughts that plague our frazzled minds. Mental heath for new mums (and dads) is a big thing and its time we stopped suffering in silence.

It takes time to adjust to the new identity and role, whether its making new friends, coping with changing relationships , breast and bottle feeding anxiety, gong back to work worries or the whole shift of being a new parent poses mentally.

Offering friendly advice and practical coping techniques and tips, Breaking Mum and Dad is a little pocket guide of empathy, sympathy and above all hope.

Breaking Mum and Dad is available to buy from - 8th March 2018

About the Author

Anna Williamson is a TV presenter, radio broadcaster, life coach, counsellor, Master NLP practitioner and author of the bestselling book Breaking Mad. she lives in rural Hertfordshire with her husband and young son. Anna is also an ambassador for Mind, Childline and The Princes Trust.


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