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Friday, 16 March 2018

The Magical Adventures of Minnie & Maxie Moo in London by Leanne & Paul Matthews

Written and self published by Husband and Wife team Leanne and Paul Matthews. Minnie and Maxie Moo takes children on a magical adventure with the help of the wise old Owl and the fantastic Magic Rainbow Tree.

The original idea for the book came about when the couple were out eating lunch with their children. Scribbling all the ideas on the back of a children's menu Minnie and Maxie Moo were born.

The book is aimed at the younger reader with lovely bright eye catching illustrations, each page has a lot for children to look at and pick out. The text is large enough that early readers would be able to sound out some of the words and 'help' the adult to read the book.

The story is absolutely charming with a clever educational element. I particularly loved the quiz at the back which enables the child to talk about some of the elements of the book  and the facts about London  is a lovely touch for the older reader.

The Magical Adventures of Minnie & Maxie Moo in London is available to buy here

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