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Thursday, 5 July 2018

A Cat Called Cat by Lynda Franklin

Cat may look just an adorable little Tabby, but don't be misled by his appearance. For Cat is a witch's cat with attitude. One Halloween Cat falls from his mistress's broomstick and lands in Annie and Sam's Back garden. As a witch cannot return to the same place until the following Halloween. Cat knows he must stay with the children until he can be rescued.

My boys absolutely love this book it is full of magic, wit, humour and mischief. Cat is a very superior cat and my boys have fallen in love with him. So much so that they are now paying great interest to the cats that come into our garden. I suspect they are hoping to find a witches' cat too!

This is a great book that really captures children's imagination. When I first received the book I was expecting it to be a picture book with a few sentences on each page. This was not the case at all it is a short chapter book containing 8 chapters and 10 illustrations so it is perfect for older primary age children as well as infant children too.

The book is A5 in size and printed on good quality stock paper, The illustrations accompany the story perfectly. I would highly recommend this book it is a firm favourite in our household and I suspect I shall be buying a few copies for my friends children too.

A Cat Called Cat is available to buy on Amazon



The War Nurses By Lizzie Page

The War Nurses is a stunning and inspirational book inspired by two real life incredible ladies.

This is a story of how Elsie a single mother and a young woman Mhairi come together to be nurses to the Soldiers at the war front. The two nurses sacrifice everything for the Soldiers by choosing to set up a makeshift hospital in an old empty house which is situated on top of the front line.

The two nurses face a lot of harrowing trials and tribulations along the way including a man that threatens to come between them. The author does certainly not hold back when it comes to the realistic graphic detail of what happens to the men on the front line and how Elsie and Mhairi cared for them. I must admit  at times I found it difficult to read and I did share a tear or two.

I absolutely loved the strong female characters of this book. I found I was able to connect and identify with the characters easily as the author has captured the two ladies different personalities with ease.

I so enjoyed reading this book of sisterhood, selflessness, love and courage it had me gripped!

The War Nurses is available to buy from Amazon


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