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Tuesday, 28 August 2018

She's Not Good For a Girl, She's Just Good! By Suzanne Hemming

This is a wonderfully written rhyming book that challenges equality between the sexes like no other. Smart and full of charm this book has an important message that we should all learn from an early age.

This award winning book tells the story of Florence and Frank. Frank likes to think that girls can't throw or run in fact he thinks girls are a bit rubbish at sport (well that's what his Dad says). So  Florence challenges him, his preconceptions, and in the process, her own!

I absolutely adore this book. It makes such a refreshing change from the princess or fairytale themed books that I'm sure most households like mine are tired of. The illustrations compliment the story perfectly and I particularly liked that the illustrations represent children from many diverse backgrounds.

This book aims to inspire both girls and boys to believe that gender does not determine their choices and aspirations in life.

She's Not Good For a Girl, She's Just Good is available to buy now

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Reviewed by @sugarmousemama


Dummy - The comedy and chaos of real-life parenting - Matt Coyne

A hilariously honest, and incredibly accurate account of parenthood, particularly the first year of your first baby.

The book is cleverly broken down into chapters that explicitly describe the various areas of your life that a new baby will wreak havoc with, and as every new parent will understand, there is no coincidence that the second chapter is about SLEEP!!

Reading this book is like reading your own diary of those horrifyingly overwhelming first few months (if you had been able to see straight enough to write one).

The worry, the tired wars, the judgements, the 6 million pieces of conflicting advice, the old ladies, the colossal amount of nappies, the baby groups, the equipment required for such a small human, the milestones and of course the love.

What I found most appealing about this book though is that it is a different perspective. Without meaning to sound sexist or gender bias, when it comes to talking about parenthood, Men can sometimes take a backseat. It’s so refreshing to read such an honest account, from a Dad’s perspective, and it is absolutely one that each and every father will relate to.

Sod the parenting books, this is the only book you need to read, to help you feel a little less alone in the absolute shitstorm that is your first baby!

Reviewed by Laura @mum_bore

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Wednesday, 22 August 2018

The Sun is also a Star by Nicola Yoon

At 32 years of age (and feeling every year of it) I probably shouldn’t be reading young adult fiction, but I absolutely had to buy The Sun is Also a Star after reading Nicola Yoon’s amazing debut novel, ‘Everything, Everything’. 

Whilst the premise of this book might initially appear ‘boy meets girl’, there is more style and substance to it than many of the adult fiction novels I have read recently. Natasha is about to be deported (this isn’t a spoiler!) and meets Daniel, who’s life is at a turning point. One believes this is fate, the other doesn’t. 

Yoon has a real knack for writing characters that are relatable and likeable. Some young adult fiction can have very cliched teenage characters - even annoying to an extent. But Yoon gives them depth and a real purpose in what they are saying and thinking. Daniel is the boy you want to date if you’re 17, or who want your son to turn into if you’re 32! 

This book tackles issues of race, immigration and the complexities of family life, but it’s also about science, hope, love and taking chances. It perfectly captures those feelings of first love - of when you think everything happens for a reason, even if you don’t know what that reason is. It’s a book that makes you think. It teaches you things and encourages you to think about issues from another point of view. 

You might think that you’re too old for young adult fiction, but you’re never to old to learn new things and remember those feelings of first love.

Written by @littlewattsits

The sun is also a star is available to buy from Amazon and all good bookshops

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