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Monday, 21 January 2019

My Thoughts Exactly by Lily Allen

Anyone familiar with Lily Allen and her music will know she's not one to 'Beat around bush' blunt, rude or brash however you like to describe her lily certainly knows how to tell it like it is with her no holds barred attitude that I have always admired her for.

In the introduction Lily admits she's too young to write her entire story and at 33 she certainly is! Instead the book concentrates on the things she thinks readers will be interested in ''the things in my life that changed events, upended things, upset the cart'' Her early life, career, family, drug and alcohol problems are all covered no subject is too precious.

I felt that the book gave a good incite into who Lily really is with no bullshit. I  would say reading the book felt very similar to going down the pub with a friend for a good old heart to heart, this is because Lily has a unique writing style that is witty but also very moving she makes the reader feel like she's talking just to you.

I would really recommend this book it certainly challenged my preconceptions. If you think you have a good idea of what its like to be a celebrity or what Lily Allen is really like this book sets the records straight.

My Thoughts Exactly is out to buy now


Friday, 4 January 2019

Spookysaurus by Crispin Lowrey

Have you ever been asked ''Why are the dinosaurs all extinct?'' have you ever wondered yourself? 
Well after 65 million years, we finally have our answer....

This is a fantastic rhyming book which is beautifully written, funny and totally original. The book tells the story of all the different theories of why dinosaurs no longer came to be but with a funny twist which is the character the Spookysaurus. 

The author Crispin Lowrey has a distinctive style of writing which engages the reader with ease. My seven year old has been reluctant to keep up his reading over the Christmas Holidays but the Spookysaurus managed to awaken his curiosity. Every child will definitely want to know what the Spookysaurus is!

The book has some fantastic illustrations that complement the story perfectly. Each page is bright and colourful with large text which is perfect for young readers. I loved the authors addition of a game of find and seek with an alien that the reader needs to find 11 times throughout the book. My son loved scouring the pages to find the alien it was such a lovely touch. 

The book is aimed at readers 0-7 years and is available to buy from
Groovy Baby 
210 Leigh Road 
Leigh on Sea SS9 1BS

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