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Thursday, 9 November 2017

Book Promotion - Jasper the Firefighting Dragon by Val Blackburn

When Vals 2 year old daughter asked her for a story about a dragon and a fire engine. Val obliged and over the coming nights she came up with the story about a water breathing dragon called Jasper who joins  the Fire Brigade.

Val has never written a book before but after lots of positive feedback on her story she decided to make self publishing it into a book her maternity project for baby number two.

Through lots of hard work and dedication Jasper the Firefighting Dragon is here and what a treat it is!

My children really enjoyed this book it is beautifully written and has a good underlying moral message about accepting peoples differences. The story is not too short like other picture books and the wording is large and clear for early readers to decipher. The illustrations are bright and colourful which captured my two boys imagination.

The book is printed on good quality thick paper which is ideal for younger children who like to turn the pages. I'd say this book is aimed for children in the 0-6 years age category.

Available to buy here

Written by @sugarmousemama


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