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Thursday, 23 November 2017

Morris Wants More by Joshua Siegal and Amélie Falière - Review by LittleFolk Tales

We love traditional tales with a twist here at LittleFolk Tales, and this is a unique and anarchic re-imagining of ‘The Twelve Days of Christmas’ that helps to satiate the need to indulge in all things Christmassy (despite it still being mid-November) whilst also sharing an important message about greed and being careful what you ask for!
Spoilt little Prince Morris is used to getting everything he wants from his doting Mother and Father and over the twelve days demands a bigger present each day.  Of course his parents are only o happy to do everything they can to please him…and the packages grow in size…until the story comes to its disastrous conclusion!  I don’t want to spoil the ending, but needless to say the final present does get the better of him (but don’t worry…it is a quick trip to A and E that is revealed rather than anything more sinister!).
As well as being a humorous, yet cautionary tale, this is a great book for developing language and vocabulary, exploring synonyms for ‘big’ for example “On the fifth day of Christmas, Morris got a mega present... but it wasn’t massive enough!”  and whilst some of the vocabulary may be fictitious, as with the “supermega monstermassive present” he receives on day twelve, LittleFolk will delight in using language in such a fun and imaginative way, and it is great for discussing other words they know, and other ways they could describe size.
The brightly coloured illustrations make this book a visual delight, as we have come to expect from the offerings at Flying Eye Books, and it won’t be much of a stretch for the GrownUp Folk to notice a striking similarity between Prince Morris and a certain president who they might wish to see meet the same fate as Morris.
We loved this book at LittleFolk HQ, and it’s a great one for those of you who might need to encourage the editing of Christmas lists!  
Recommended for LittleFolk aged 3-5…and their GrownUps!  
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